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  • Frieda - Pretoria

    I started using Elicina Plus on recommendation of a good friend of mine, and the results have been spectacular. I had a 'fun in the sun' lifestyle as a young girl, and paid the price with sun marks and blemish spots, especially on my forehead.

    My friend was a 'raving-fan' of Elicina after having such good results with an accident scar, which is completely gone now. Having a dry skin, she recommended Elicina Plus to me, which moisturises my skin without leaving it greasy, as it absorbs rapidly.

    These days I get so many compliments about my glowing skin. I will always use Elicina. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and I can tell you this much, this pudding works. Thank you Elicina!

  • Jo-Anne - Montana

    I started using Elicina just over a month ago, and I am hooked! This is truly one of natures secrets. I had an unsightly frown wrinkle which seemed to get worse by the day, after I hit 35. After only one month of using Elicina, it is hardly visible.

    The first few applications I only applied on my wrinkles, but this miracle cream is so rich that by only using one small 'bobble' you can use it for your whole face. I already received compliments from friends and family on my new complection. Bye-bye botox, I now have Elicina!


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