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About Elicina

• Elicina cream works!

• Elicina cream is the Original Snail Cream with 80% snail secretion (extract)

Elicina is the original Snail cream

• Elicina cream is pure and natural with antibiotic properties and has key ingredients to improve most skin conditions

• Elicina is Organic, Natural, Eco-friendlly, Hipoallergenic, Odourless, Non greasy, has rapid absorption and does not stain clothes or skin if exposed to sunlight

• Due to the fact that Elicina Snail cream is non-greasy and has a rapid absorbsion, you may apply make-up immediately after applying Elicina Snail cream

• Elicina skin cream is organic and eco-friendly and it frees your skin of toxins

• Elicina naturally removes dead skin cells, regenerates and detoxifies the skin. Elicina nourishes the skin with proteins, and improves the skins'
ability to bounce back

• People of all ages can use the original Elicina snail cream

• Reusable resource: The Chilean earth snails (Helix Aspersa Muller snail) are not harmed or hurt in any way during the milking process

• Elicina cream is sold in more than 150 countries worldwide

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